Coast Rail Corridor Study

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The Coast Rail Corridor Study will examine both commuter and intercity rail service options to identify viable plans for future rail travel within the San Luis Obispo region and beyond. Both efforts will include a phased plan for implementation.

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For Amtrak intercity rail service, the study will develop a phased plan for achieving an integrated network of intercity rail and bus routes in the Central Coast region of California, with increased frequency and connections between Goleta and Salinas, consistent with the California State Rail Plan. The intercity rail plan will identify potential options for rail operations, schedules, local transit connectivity, infrastructure and equipment needs, and governance. Learn more HERE.


For commuter rail, the study will examine the feasibility of implementing future commuter service between San Luis Obispo and Santa Maria with a possible northern extension to Paso Robles. The commuter rail plan will look at technology and service options, potential ridership, costs, and funding resources. Learn more HERE.


Funding for this study came from three grant awards, including the U.S. Federal Transit Administration’s Strategic Partnerships Program (Section 5304), State Highway Account, and State Rail Assistance. The awards for the study total $650,000.

STUDY MILESTONES To identify viable recommendations for future Intercity Rail and Commuter Rail Plans, SLOCOG and their Project Team will conduct the following activities within four key study milestones:

Milestone 1 MAR–AUG 2020

Gather initial data and establish project goals and objectives

Review previous studies and establish project goals, objectives, and performance measures

Gather initial public and stakeholder input on study and goals/objectives

Milestone 2 SEP-OCT 2020

Identify service options

Develop intercity and commuter rail service options

Present and gather input from public and stakeholders

Milestone 3 NOV 2020-JAN 2021

Evaluate Service Options

Analysis and screening of options based on ridership forecast, financial feasibility, governance, and funding

Milestone 4 FEB-JUN 2021

Prepare Recommendations for Implementation

Develop intercity and commuter rail plans and recommendation report

Promote plans to public and stakeholders for final input

Ongoing collaboration and coordination with Partner Agencies

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